PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 July, 2018, 12:05pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2018, 6:22pm
"We continue to look for
investment opportunities
in infrastructure and in
water supply and waste-
to-energy projects"
Sutopo Kristanto, president, Jaya
Konstruksi Manggala Pratama

Since holding its initial public offering in 2007, Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama has taken an aggressive growth path and transformed itself to become one of Indonesia’s leading integrated infrastructure development companies with core competencies in the infrastructure and construction sectors.

Last year, Jaya Konstruksi entered into its biggest project – the more than 41 trillion Indonesian rupiah (HK$23.5 billion) Jakarta six inner-city toll roads. The elevated toll roads will solve serious traffic congestion in metropolitan Jakarta and enhance vehicle connectivity within the city – the country’s main gateway for international trade.

“Our involvement in this massive road project underlines our support for the government’s move to accelerate infrastructure development not only in Jakarta, but throughout the country,” says Okky Dharmosetio, vice-president. “Building infrastructure furthers economic growth and improves peoples’ lives.”

Through several direct and indirect subsidiaries, Jaya Konstruksi undertakes transport projects, encompassing roads, bridges, toll roads, airports and subway tunnels, along with electricity, energy and water projects. Jaya Konstruksi also provides construction, engineering and maintenance services to airports, hotels, malls, apartments and office buildings in Indonesia and abroad. Apart from the inner-city toll roads, its key projects include other elevated roads, flyovers, underpasses and high-rise buildings of different types.

Through a subsidiary, Jaya Konstruksi is the biggest asphalt distributor in the country.

Jaya Konstruksi has built a reputation of reliability, quality and timeliness in its more than 50 years of operations. Its strong track record is highlighted by several accolades, including being among the recipients of the 100 Fastest Growing Company Awards for 2017 by Infobank magazine and one of Forbes Indonesia’s Best of the Best Companies for 2017.

“Human resource is our most valuable asset,” says Sutopo Kristanto, president. “It’s the teamwork within that has fuelled our growth. We also attribute our success to our core values of integrity and fairness, which have guided our approach to business from the start.”

To strengthen its foothold in the market, Jaya Konstruksi has made key acquisitions over the years. The most recent is its purchase of an almost 30 per cent stake in VSL Jaya Indonesia in partnership with Switzerland-based VSL International, a member of Bouygues Construction. VSL, which has been a long-term partner of Jaya Konstruksi, undertakes major construction schemes in Indonesia.

Jaya Konstruksi also forges strategic partnerships with industry majors such as Japanese construction firm Obayashi Corp. Jaya Konstruksi and Obayashi are working on sections of Indonesia’s first mass rapid transport project.

“We continue to look for investment opportunities in infrastructure and in water supply and waste-to-energy projects,” Kristanto says. “We seek partners who are reliable and have strong expertise in these fields.”


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